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New in Library

  • DraculaDracula

    Abdo, Kenny.

  • Lenny & LucyLenny & Lucy

    Stead, Philip C.

    Peter creates Lenny, a life-sized doll, to guard the bridge from the dark, unfriendly woods outside his home. When night falls, Peter can't sleep. What if Lenny is lonely?.

  • Roger is Reading a BookRoger is Reading a Book

    Van Biesen, Koen.

    Roger wants some peace and quiet so he can read his book, but his neighbor Emily has some very loud hobbies of her own.

  • Leo: A Ghost StoryLeo: A Ghost Story

    Barnett, Mac.

    Leo is a friendly house ghost. When a family moves into his house and tries to get rid of him, he leaves and roams the city looking for a friend.

  • Santa BruceSanta Bruce

    Higgins Ryan T.

    The forest animals line up to give Brue their Chrismas wishes when he becomes the victim of mistaken identity -- again.

  • The Most Amazing Creature in the SeaThe Most Amazing Creature in the Sea

    Guiberson, Brenda Z.

    This illustrated introduction to the ocean's most superlative animals invites young readers to choose their favorites among sea creatures with the most venom, the greatest diving ability, the best rotating eyes, and more.

  • Hippos are Huge!Hippos are Huge!

    Trueman, Matthew.

    Illustrations and easy-to-read text introduce the hippopotamus and describe its lesser-known characteristics, such as its strength, speed, and deadly nature.

  • The Princess and the PonyThe Princess and the Pony

    Beaton, Kate.

    Princess Pinecone would like a real war horse for her birthday. Instead, she gets a plump, cute pony. But sometimes cuteness can be a kind of weapon, especially in a fight with dodgeballs, spitballs, hairballs, and squareballs.

  • WaitingWaiting

    Henkes, Kevin.

    An owl, a puppy, a bear, a rabbit, and a pig, all toys arranged on a child's windowsill, wait for marvelous things to happen.

  • My Pillow Keeps Moving!My Pillow Keeps Moving!

    Gehl, Laura.

    A clever pup ends up in a cozy home, and she will do anything to stay there. She impersonates everything the lonely homeowner needs such as a pillow and a footstool. But in the end, being herself works best.

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Popular Titles

  • HarvestersHarvesters

    Dittmer, Lori.

    Hello, balers and harvesters. Hello, cultivators and seeders. Hello, ... fun! The popular Seedlings series now offers irresistible introductions to six farm machines. Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers, these newest books touch upon the parts, operation, and roles of farm machines. Each book closes with a labeled-image guide for further review. As introductions to informational text, these titles will plant the seeds of knowledge! A kindergarten-level introduction to harvesters, covering their purpose, parts, role in farming, and such defining features as their heavy blades.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The GetawayDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway : Book 12

    Kinny, Jeff.

    Greg Heffley and his family are getting out of town. With the cold weather and the stress of the approaching holiday season, the Heffleys decide to escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

  • Creepy Pair of UnderwearCreepy Pair of Underwear

    Reynolds, Aaron.

    A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear.

  • GhostsGhosts

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    Catrina and her family have moved to the coast of Northern California for the sake of her little sister, Maya, who has cystic fibrosis--and Cat is even less happy about the move when she is told that her new town is inhabited by ghosts.

  • Superstars of the Boston CelticsSuperstars of the Boston Celtics

    Martin, Annabelle T.

    This book presents some of the Boston Celtics' greatest players and their achievements in pro basketball, including Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, and Kevin McHale.

  • The Christmas Coal ManThe Christmas Coal Man

    Kulka, Joe.

    The Coal Man works hard all year, searching dark mines for the coal that Sant a Claus drops into the stockings of naught boys and gilrs. He's saving up money to take himself, his mule, and his trusty canary to a sunny island.

  • Little SantaLittle Santa

    Agee, Jon.

    In this fictional biography of Santa Claus, the North Pole resident with the ability to slide up and down chimneys, he meets a flying reindeer and some industrious elves.

  • Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter!Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter! / Book 10

    Arnold, Tedd.

    Fly Guy unintentionally joins Buzz at school and then goes with his class on a field trip to a flyswatter factory. Book #10.

  • Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty SnatchersSuper Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers : Book 2

    Pilkey, Dav.

    After Principal Krupp forbids George and Harold from continuing to create comics about feces, the boys begin a story about Rip Van Tinkle, a man who transforms into a puddle of urine and begins to destroy all the toilets in town. Book #2.

  • Belly UpBelly Up

    Gibbs, Stuart.

    Twelve-year-old Teddy investigates when Henry the hippopotamus, a popular Texas zoo's star attraction, is murdered. The plot contains mild profanity.

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