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New in Library

  • Born to ReadBorn to Read

    Sierra, Judy.

    A little boy named Sam discovers the many unexpected ways in which a love of reading can come in handy and sometimes even save the day.

  • Benny's New FriendBenny's New Friend

    Warner, Gertrude Chandler.

    When Benny hears that someone his age has moved in down the road, he's thrilled!.

  • Sports Illustrated for KidsSports Illustrated for Kids

  • We're All WondersWe're All Wonders

    Palacio, R. J.

    Augie enjoys the company of his dog, Daisy, and using his imagination, but painfully endures the taunts of his peers because of his facial deformity.

  • Pig the PugPig the Pug

    Blabey, Aaron.

    Pig is a selfish pug who does not want to share his toys with his canine housemate, Trevor--until an accident teaches him the value of friendship.

  • UglyUgly

    Hoge, Robert.

    When author Hoge was born, he had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face, and his legs were short and twisted. Somehow, the surgeons removed the tumor and gave him a new nose using one of his toes, of all things! Amazingly, Hoge survived, but his face would never be the same. He grew up with kids staring at him and making fun of him, and even adults could be cruel at times, but that didn't stop Hoge from having adventures with his family and even playing his favorite sport. Then, Hoge had to make the biggest decision of his life … “This empowering story will reach even the hardest of hearts” (SLJ).

  • Sludgment DaySludgment Day : Book 3

    Kloepfer, John.

    With the zombie antidote in hand, Zack Clarke and his team of zombie chasers embark on a wild cross-country road trip to end the undead apocalypse once and for all.

  • Undead AheadUndead Ahead : Book 2

    Kloepfer, John.

    While trying to survive after zombies take over Phoenix, Arizona, Zack, Rice, and Madison discover a zombie antidote and embark on a mission to save the nation from the undead scourge.

  • The Cat in the HatThe Cat in the Hat

    Seuss, Dr.

    Two children sitting at home on a rainy day are visited by the Cat in the Hat who shows them some tricks and games.

  • The Foot BookThe Foot Book

    Seuss., Dr.

    Text and pictures tell about many kinds of feet-front feet, back feet, red feet, black feet, slow feet, quick feet, trick feet, sick feet, etc.

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Popular Titles

  • Ghosts in HotelsGhosts in Hotels

    Owings, Lisa, author.

    "Engaging images accompany information about ghosts in hotels."--.

  • Lost SkeletonLost Skeleton

    Dahl, Michael, author.

    Elijah Stapes wants to be taller, and more like his brother Nico, and friend Cooper, so he orders a bottle of Tall-time Tonic from This For That Company, which promises to make his bones longer--but he does not find out where the extra bone comes from until it is too late.

  • Brain InvadersBrain Invaders

    Dahl, Michael, author.

    Diego and Martin decide to skip school, and spend the day at the beach, but a very odd lightning storm changes their plans, especially when the sea suddenly seems to be full of a strange kind of jellyfish--but these "jellies" can invade people's brains and turn them into zombies.

  • Ghosts in MansionsGhosts in Mansions

    Owings, Lisa, author.

    "Engaging images accompany information about ghosts in mansions."--.

  • Electric ClawElectric Claw

    Dahl, Michael.

    Look at my new stuffed unicorn. I won it at the arcade, playing the Claw. Oh, don't mind the little bloodstain. I'll tell you about it tonight. Don't be late!.

  • Ghosts in BattlefieldsGhosts in Battlefields

    Owings, Lisa, author.

    "Engaging images accompany information about ghosts in battlefields."--.

  • A Jar of EyeballsA Jar of Eyeballs / Igor's Lab of Fear

    Dahl, Michael, author.

    Middle school student Kevin is tired of being ignored and obsessed with winning the school science fair prize, so he creates a project with many, many jars of eyeballs, all bobbed up and down in green liquid--but what happens the night after he wins is completely unexpected.

  • Blood Shark!Blood Shark! / Igor's Lab of Fear

    Dahl, Michael, author.

    Professor Igor tells the story of Taylor who, while on a school field trip looking for fossils, stole another student's wallet and buried it next to what looked like a fossilized shark fin--but when he came back the next day to retrieve the wallet he found that where there are fossil fins, there are also fossil teeth, and not all the sharks were entirely dead.

  • My Life As a Cartoonist #3My Life As a Cartoonist #3 / Book 3

    Tashjian, Janet.

    Twelve-year-old Derek wants to train his pet monkey to help Umberto, a new student who uses a wheelchair, but Umberto would rather steal Derek's cartoon ideas. Book #3.

  • Rise of the Balloon GoonsRise of the Balloon Goons : Book 1

    Cummings, Troy.

    Alexander's school is being torn down, and before going to his new classroom in the hospital morgue, he finds a notebook full of information about monsters. Everywhere he turns there are spooky balloon goons determined to attack him. Book #1.

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